vendredi 23 mai 2008


The Scams still call it colonialism"when in fact Morocco is occupied by Algeria backed before by Communist regime as cold war thing between Allies.Algeria behaves as Saddam Hussein due to the thirst of power and W-M-D but even Saddam's madness and evil ,Iraqis had a decent life unlike Algerians and their toys "polisario"who until now suffer extreme poverty and denial of employment and what to expect of communist and Evil Generals .if Algeria get disarmed and watched over her nuclear programs that she wish to develop the World will be a better place ,in fact this unemployment and Cold war between Morocco and Communist disguised have created Suicide bombers and no body notice that the recruitment of War guerrillas comes from the capital of Terror Algeria and Sahara polisario and sub-Saharan illegal immigrants "drug and human trafficking"there is a lots of mess and no body point this out to Algeria because they have gaz and oil ?we are ruined by this regime who is supported by Terror of Oil money but those who lives in Luxury whilst their own people suffer must expect any Time The TERROR OF ALLAH.that could be just like Iraq when Saddam was humiliated by US forces punishing him for all the genocide he done against shiaa and anyone opposing his arrogant regime while he party in his palaces.thank you everyone for taken time to read and may you have a pleasant nice day.Free and may The Terror of God be upon those who ally with The Terror of Evil and may peace protect those who strive to keep it in this world .and may the cheesburgers be healthier and not causing any health risk. source: a frind from casablanca